About Us


NEXT100 e.V. is a unique exhibition platform that presents experiential, large-format installations, audio‐visual performances, and media architecture works, from an array of international artists and creative partners, that address the role of technology to explore new artistic formats and potentials.

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Program Curators and Exhibition Direction

Jeffers Egan
Brian Bixby[/vc_wp_text][vc_wp_text]

Project Advisor / Sponsoring Partner

Professor Wolfgang Sattler
Dean of the Faculty of Art & Design
Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Bauhaus Transferzentrum Design[/vc_wp_text][vc_wp_text]

Production Manager

Kristian Gohlke
David Leroy[/vc_wp_text][vc_wp_text]


Ryanne Kim[/vc_wp_text][vc_wp_text]

Taiwanese Curatorial Contributor

Chun-Chi Wang[/vc_wp_text][vc_wp_text]

Creative Strategist

Charles Buckingham[/vc_wp_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]